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Frequently Asked Questions


Why not leave it to the men?

Media organisations want women on air and they will go out of their way to try and get them. This means if you or your organisation has confident, well informed, expert women to put forward then your message has a better chance of being heard. Women experts in your organisation who are media trained are likely to get on air before your competitors who put forward men.


Where and when are Media Woman courses held?

Media Woman is committed to making sure you get the most out of our courses. We try to match the areas our participants work in as closely as possible, so the courses can be tailored appropriately. We are based in studios in central London but our courses are very mobile and we take them throughout the UK and abroad. Typically they are one day which is a mix of practical information, workshops, expert speakers and real interviews in the field and in the studio. They are not only invaluable to those who take part, they are also great fun.


How much does it cost?

Media Woman’s mission is to empower women to find their voice and get more female voices in the media. We want to help create role models for young women to inspire them in turn. We tailor our courses to suit different areas and budgets. Our costs are very competitive and vary depending on the structure. They can be anything from £500 for large group seminars to £2000 for a typical day course. We do offer discounts on some courses to members of affiliated organisations and to members of The Women's Room.


How long are the courses?

Typically the course runs an entire day from 9am until 6pm, alternating between the studio and the conference room. We will supply you with everything you need including a lovely lunch. Please let us know of any special dietary requirements. We will also be as flexible as possible to accommodate your timings on the day.


Will the course be relevant to me?

We organise our courses so, as much as possible, the participants come from similar fields. This helps us make sure all the information you are given is as relevant to you as possible. We are confident that every moment on our courses will be useful to you.


How are women represented in the mainstream media?

Broadcast magazine article - Oct 17th 2013 

Period covers week beginning 9 Sept  *monitored between 6am and 7am

By Lis Howel


BBC News At Ten seems to have suddenly changed for the better. The editions we looked at had only twice as many male experts as females – an astonishing 2.5:1 male to female authority figures. Though as they keep telling us, our figures are just a snapshot. Looking at the amount of time women spoke for gives us a ratio of 4:1 males to females. The reasons for this discrepancy can be found in the detail.