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Why are there relatively few women on TV and radio?

London City University carried out a study which found there is one woman for every four men being asked for their expertise or opinions across the board on TV and radio. This is a broad-brush figure but it gives an idea of the size of the gender gap in mainstream media.While media organisations have their part to play in closing this gap, its not just down to them. So what’s holding women back from grasping media opportunities with both hands? Studies have confirmed that  women simply don’t want to be seen as pushy, hogging the limelight, or feeling that they are more of an expert than others in their organisation. Some fear that speaking out will  expose them to criticism or ridicule. And of course there is the wardrobe factor; women are judged far more harshly on appearance than their male counterparts.  There are other practical issues too. Early morning or evening media commitments can be more problematic for women than men. Our media training courses are focused entirely on women. Our experts will help you unlock your potential.