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Courses to bring out the expert in you

Women’s equality is a done deal; a battle won by past generations for the freedoms that we take for granted today. But switch on the television or radio and 21st century Britain suddenly doesn’t look or sound as equal as it should.  A recent analysis of expert guests appearing on air found that men outnumber women by 4:1. The picture is just as dismal in the UK national press. In the twelve months to June 2012 only 26% of all opinion articles were penned by women.  Why should this be when we’re far from lacking in female experts or opinion formers?  

The media world is a playing field that’s far from level. For many women it feels intimidating, slippery and fraught with trip hazards. 

Our mission is to empower women to find their voices, to tell their stories and to share their knowledge and expertise. 

Our method will provide the confidence and skills to effectively sidestep the obstacles, enjoy the challenges, and reap the rewards.

Our hope is that helping women today take media opportunities in their stride will send a positive message to the younger generations of tomorrow. 

So it’s time. Gather your thoughts, take the lead, step in front of the camera and up to the microphone. Become a Media Woman.


In politics, If you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.”  Margaret Thatcher