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Our Mission

For many women, media and public appearances can be a challenge. There are a range of reasons - psychological, cultural, practical - why women may feel uncomfortable being thrust into the limelight and prefer to let their male colleagues take the lead. That's not just our opinion - analysis of experts found men outnumber women by a ratio of 4:1. In some fields such as banking, finance, science, technology and engineering, the imbalance is even more stark.  Our mission is to help women develop the confidence and skills to effectively sidestep the obstacles and find their voice.


Why use Media Woman

How women are represented in the media is an issue that broadcasters are finally waking up to, and that means demand for expert female contributors has never been higher. Visible female representation and leadership in the form of strong and convincing media appearances is a vital part of creating a more level playing field. Media Woman can help you make the most of the opportunities that are out there, providing a positive role model for an up and coming generation of aspiring young women.


Our training

Our team of trainers are led by media professionals from the highest levels of broadcasting and communications. We know exactly what is required to get your voice heard and to make sure it is professional and authoritative. Working alongside a leading psychologist and an inspirational coach in presentation skills, they will arm you with everything you need to conquer nerves and increase your confidence. Our team will transform your attitude towards the media, and towards yourself.


We want to see you shine

Media Woman

It's time to speak up - time to stand out - time to shine!