Our courses are very practical and hands-on. They are designed to give all our participants new confidence in front of any kind of audience. We know we can remove much of the fear about presenting and giving media interviews, by taking away the unfamiliarity of the format and environment.

We provide studio-based training, mobile media training in your location of choice, communications and presentation training, workshops as well as on line and 1-2-1 training. While we specialise in training women we have courses for mixed groups and can create bespoke training for your exact needs.

We train in professional television studios in Westminster, opposite the Houses of Parliament and alongside Britain’s major broadcasters – the BBC, Sky, and ITV. Our course gives a unique insight into the real world of broadcasting and allows attendees to learn the skills and gain the confidence to be a polished and effective media performer. Our studios are fully covid compliant while this is required.

In an intensive, hands-on practical studio-based training day, attendees will practice
how to deliver a piece to camera, how to do live and pre-recorded studio interviews
and discussions, how to deal with questions and ensure your story gets across well. In addition, we practice radio techniques and interview skills.

The day also includes sessions on:
Getting your message across

  • We will help you work out your message, what you want to say
  • Learn how to distil your message into a form that your audience will relate to
  • Understand the requirements of different audiences and outlets
  • Make sure you use your media opportunity to make the impact you want.

Getting on the media radar

  • How to get on programme-makers contact lists and make sure they know who you are
  • Find out which are the best media outlets you should be approaching with your story
  • How to make contact and pitch your stories

Broadcast Techniques + Star Quality

  • Discover the skills that will give you star quality
  • How to get your story and your message across effectively
  • How to ensure you are accessible, engaging and compelling to your audience How to be the kind of guest/interviewee asked to appear regularly

Gaining confidence in front of the camera

  • How to be you at your best in front of the camera/microphone How to put power and
    passion into your voice
  • On-screen body language techniques
  • How to overcome nerves.

On Camera Skills

  • You will learn how to deliver a “piece to camera” How to give the best interview
  • How to take part in a televised discussion
  • How to have the look you want.
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