Media Woman excels in first-class communications and media training. Since 2014 we have built an enviable reputation training some of the UK’s most senior scientists and academics, business and technology leaders from around the world as well as ambitious young entrepreneurs, post docs and PhD students, charities and management teams.

We specialise in all-female training courses where our focus is on giving women the confidence, skills and enthusiasm to take on the media and presentation opportunities wherever they arise.

In 2018 Media Woman’s training, developed for The Academy of Medical Sciences was awarded the Royal Society Athena Prize for an innovative scheme to increase the number of women experts in the media. Our testimonials speak for us. 

Media Woman also has a strong track record in training mixed groups of trainees when required. Our covid compliant studios are based in Westminster, right opposite the Houses of Parliament, but we also provide media and communications training around the UK and across Europe. We also deliver our courses on line to groups and one-to-one bespoke training. 

Why are there fewer female experts on TV and radio?
London City University carried out a study which found there is one woman for every four men who are being asked for their expertise or opinions across the board on radio and TV. This is a broad brush figure but it shows just how mainstream media is lacking in women’s’ voices. Media organisations may have played their part in the past – by not looking hard enough for women contributors – but there are deep-seated reasons why women may shy away from the limelight. Since we started our courses in 2012 that radio has improved to 3:1 but there is still a long way to go.

Studies have backed up what many women know themselves. Women rather get in with the real work – than talk about it. They don’t want to be seen as pushy and aggressive – this they feel will make them unpopular with their colleagues and they don’t want to open themselves up to criticism – or worse still – ridicule.

These anxieties are real – and have become a hot topic among professional women. We will tackle these concerns head-on and believe by the conclusion of your training – you will not only want to “Lean In” (in the words of Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg) you’ll be ready to speak up – and stand out.

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