Personal 1-2-1 online sessions with Media Woman Founder, Julia Barry

Julia is offering tailored 1-2-1 training and coaching sessions, delivered online and structured to meet your exact needs.

From academics preparing presentations for funding panels, business executives who want to raise their profile in the media or through industry presentations, and academics seeking to engage wider audiences with their specialist knowledge and expertise, Julia is providing highly effective personalised consultations.

The training is hands-on and practical, giving attendees the chance to practice presentation and interviewing skills, with detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Sessions will work on your specific key messages and how to structure and deliver your content for maximum impact. We will discuss the style, language and narratives that will most effectively engage and captivate your audience.

We will also cover the secrets of becoming an engaging and impactful communicator, with a focus on how to overcome nerves and use body language and breathing techniques to project your most confident and powerful self.

I found the online training extremely helpful in gaining confidence, structuring the message, being aware of pitfalls, setting up my home office with regards to light, sound etc. Even though the training is typically more structured for media interviews, it was highly applicable to my moderator role at the panel as well and Julia tailored this to my needs perfectly and she was an excellent coach.

Christina Eriksson, European Business Development, Mondrian Investment Partners

I received wonderful 1-2-1 training from Julia Barry at Media Women. I needed guidance and support for upcoming interviews with the BBC and local media, and also wanted a better sense of how I can improve my presentation skills for a broader audience. Julia’s training was insightful, giving much needed practical advice, and offering insights from the media’s perspective, staying on topic, and in building confidence. It is very clear that she has a passion for her job and for the people she works with. Julia has given me the confidence to know that I do have something important to say, and better yet, has given me the tools to know how to say it. Thank you Julia!

Dr Sophie Wickham, Research Fellow, Liverpool University Department of Public Health, Policy and Systems

Training with Julia has been a truly invaluable experience. She has gently and effectively guided me through media and online presentation training, providing me with bespoke and personalised touch at every stage of the journey. All the training has been specific to my individual context and needs, often using tools such as video so that I can practice and improve with every session. This has allowed me to build my confidence, thrive on screen and ultimately to meet my goals of becoming an effective communicator. Working with Julia is a joy and I look forward to our weekly sessions enormously – I cannot recommend training with Julia highly enough.

Dr Clare MacRae, GP & PhD Applicant, Edinburgh University

Despite the topic being quite complex you were great at seeing through this and getting to the crux of the matter by making sure the presentation slides complemented what I was saying. You also encouraged me to introduce the “human element” that is so persuasive both to the public and a funding panel alike. Practicing with you helped my confidence in this new situation and I was prepared for any questions. The panel members said my presentation was really good. Thanks very much Julia.

Professor & Research Funding Applicant, Liverpool University

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